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We employ your people, but they work for you.

That’s it in a nutshell—you partner with us to employ the people you want to hire. It enables you to avoid the complexity of setting up a legal entity in different African countries. This means you can take your business to new African markets quickly, with confidence, and free from employer liability.

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Wekplace helps leaders develop their people and build winning teams. Our human capital management (HCM) services gets you out of the weeds, our focus on talent development helps you build a great place to work and our tailored industry solutions give you a competitive advantage.

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Life-changing Experiences

Hiring African talents on your behalf.

We adopted the phrase “Employer of Record”, and gave it a meaning. We believe we’re the only company in Africa that does it directly. As a direct EOR, we have employees across Africa, so we do all the human capital management ourselves.

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We combine smart technology with top recruiters from all over the globe to drive better matches, so you don’t waste time sifting through listings that aren’t a fit.


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Our Services

The Good Work Framework

Workforce Acquisition

We deal with the strategies, tactics and processes for identifying, recruiting and retaining the human resources a company needs. It includes developing, implementing and evaluating programs for sourcing, recruiting, hiring and orienting through the use of a combination skilled personnel, advanced technologies and available data. 

Workforce Management

We develop strategies, roadmaps, and processes for acquiring, training, managing, and retaining employees so they to contribute effectively to the processes of the organization. Thus we manage an organization’s employees for them to contribute significantly to the overall productivity of the organization.

Workforce Optimization

We optimize the efficiency of the workforce within an organization. This includes processes like forecasting, scheduling, data collection, data analytics, budgeting, recruiting, field service management, HR Management training, and performance management.

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The choice is yours, we’ve got you covered

Whether you need to find top talent, your next great job opportunity, or a consulting solution for managing your business and resourcing challenges, we can help. We specialize in finding talents to fill the following roles…

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